Why Cnchi?

So I’m sure many of you have wondered, “Why do these guys use Cnchi? Don’t most Arch distros use Calamares instead?” Well, the answer’s rather simple really. There’s a technical side, and then there’s the personal side. So let’s start with the personal one!

When I first started to develop Reborn OS, I was much more familiar with Cnchi’s inner workings than those of Calamares. I had been developing a Community Edition ISO for Antergos for a few months by then, and as such, I was feeling fairly confident in my ability to manipulate Cnchi. Hence, it was an easy choice at the time. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll never use Calamares. In fact, due to numerous requests to do so over on our Forum I am working on just that. Someday, I hope to be able to offer both – to satisfy the needs of everyone.


And now for the technical side of things! It all comes down to how Cnchi and Calamares are built to work and function. Underneath, they are each built with very different goals in mind. While Cnchi is built to install everything by grabbing the newest packages from online, Calamares simply copies everything from the ISO to the installation location. Under normal circumstances, Calamares’ method would certainly be more desirable. Obviously copying things is less likely to fail than truly installing anything. But there lies a small problem in this method. It can only install something that is already inside the ISO. With this limitation, you can forget about the ability to offer multiple Desktop Environents in the installer, as well as all those optional applications available in Cnchi’s Selection Screen. Obviously, this would strip the installer of many functions now available. So due to this, I plan on sticking with Cnchi for the time being. However, as I mentioned above, a Calamares installer for Reborn is slowly on the way! So someday, I like to think we at Reborn will be able to offer you the best of both worlds – the ability to choose your method of installation.