What’s up with the Website?

Another thing we hear often in Youtube reviews, is the fact that we don’t have a full-fledged website yet. We hear it’s very “unprofessional”. But let me ask you this. Would you like me to be professional? I mean, Google’s tech support is plenty “professional”, but everyone agrees it’s absolutely terrible. As one can see, being “professional” doesn’t mean your quality is any better. Sometimes it just means you have a better smokescreen. So in my opinion, it’s more a matter of focus. Sure, we could upgrade our site and make it look more “professional”. But when working with a budget of $0 to begin with, that’s fairly difficult. Plus, wouldn’t you like to see any money we receive to go to things that impact you more? Things like more mirrors worldwide and better development tools.

Don’t believe me?  Try first going to Google’s support page.  If you’re using one of their free applications then you’re really out of luck.  Your options are limited to searching for an answer on…you guessed it….Google. Or going to their online community.   If you subscribe to Google’s business apps you’re able to email questions.  And you get a phone number to call.  According to my friend this experience is also underwhelming.  Getting someone knowledgeable on the phone is difficult and getting replies to emails is not always reliable.  And remember…he’s a Google fan.  I’ve heard similar reports from clients.

– Forbes

So while a more “professional” website isn’t our number one goal at the moment, that doesn’t mean we don’t see your point either. It would be nice to have a cleaner website with a better layout (and no ads!). As such, we thought it best to have balance and prioritize things. You – our user – always come first to us. We would much rather spend our limited amount of money on things that benefit YOU directly. Things that can enhance your everyday usage of Reborn. But sometime down the road, we will certainly look into a better website as well. Both are important, it’s just some claim a higher priority than others. And you, my friend, are our number one priority.