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md5sum: b2956a9f85beba98b20dfc35e816fe03
SHA1: 8fc96357f8a042925265bd5592abe705515a92d0

Lastly, any donations would be gratefully accepted. While of course Reborn OS is and will always remain completely free for everyone, it is our hope to be able to offer you a better experience as well as some better service – something that can only be done with the proper funds. Things like the acquisition of numerous download mirrors around the globe, a better forum for everybody, as well as a full-fledged website sometime down the road. So if this sounds like something you feel you are willing and capable of supporting, please consider making a donation! No matter how small, it can always help. Thank you.

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  • P.S. Sorry about that over-obnoxious glaring, red donate button guys. Yet another reason I can’t wait to get a real,  full-fledged website for Reborn! With that, we could actually have more control on that button’s appearance above this message. On the bright side, at least everyone can spot it for now.