Reborn 5.19.18 Released – Apricity OS Revived, and More

Surprise! I know I had made an announcement earlier concerning development during my big move across the United States, but as it turns out, I was able to sneak a small release in before then! Remember when I said this: The actual behind-the-scenes development will be mainly inactive during this time. Yeah… that hasn’t happened … More Reborn 5.19.18 Released – Apricity OS Revived, and More


Good morning from New York everyone! First of all, I just want to take a moment to thank all of you who have given Reborn OS a chance on your personal computers. It really means a whole lot to me, and I am truly grateful. For those who have only tried us out in a … More Testers

Reborn vs. Antergos

Last week I was searching for our forum online to see how quickly we showed up in the search results. In so doing, I discovered that at least in Google, the phrase “Reborn vs. Antergos” is the third from the top! As such, I thought an article about that might be in order. The first … More Reborn vs. Antergos


It is with a heavy heart that I must make this saddening announcement on such a happy day. For I feel I must step down from Reborn, due to a personal tragedy. Not forever, but just temporarily. This week has been a dark one for me. A friend – a best friend – has passed … More Reborn

Reborn 3.06.18 Released

Happy daylights savings weekend everyone! The weekend nobody likes. Well, hopefully Reborn OS can lighten your mood with our brand new release!  Here’s a few of the exciting new changes, just waiting to brighten your day. To kick off this new release of Reborn, Palanthis and I examined the forum thread titled Proposed Ideas for Reborn for new … More Reborn 3.06.18 Released