About Us

Reborn OS Team

We are a team of developers who, although lacking the seasoned experience of more well established distros, still hope to bring you the best Operating System possible. Our goal is to bring the true power of Linux to everyone, with one ISO for every Desktop Environment and packed full of unlimited opportunities for customization. With this in mind, we have created Reborn OS to fill this gap. Coupled with Pacman, the AUR, and a customized version of Cnchi, we hope to have achieved our goal. With special care taken to lesser known Desktop Environments and a wide selection of options in the installer, the customibility of Arch Linux is finally available for even the most inexperienced among us. On this team of dedicated individuals are KeeganPalanthis, Velkerk, and others. We hope to have been able to bless you with a distro made just for you – whoever you may be.

Reborn Hall of Fame

This category takes a minute to personally thank each and every Reborn user who has, and still is, contributing immensely to the continuation of Reborn OS.

Thank you izznogooood, for your incredible contributions to the Reborn OS team of developers. Your server is instrumental in collaboration between us, the developers of Reborn. We greatly appreciate it!

Thank you mettke, for your fantastic helpfulness, understanding, and expertise. You have really gone above and beyond! Your server is vital in reaching users throughout Europe, who we would otherwise be unable to cater to. In addition, you have guided us through every step of the process of signing our packages to make them more secure. It is all greatly appreciated and will be remembered always.

Thank you SidedVirus, for your amazing work on our website and graphic design. You have given us great ideas, such as our new (as of July, 2018) Discord server for people as well as our Reddit channel. With your constant optimism, you keep us all looking forwards and ready for the next big thing. So thank you for you moral support as well as your help!


The following are individuals who have been utterly instrumental in the creation and continued development of Reborn OS, without whom this project would never have been able to take off in the first place.

First off, Karasu of the Antergos team of developers. Thank you so much for all of your patience, help, and support during the creation of Reborn OS. Without you and your team’s work of laying the foundations that Reborn OS builds on, we would have never been able to create what we have. Thank you for your tireless work on Cnchi, enabling both of our distros to benefit.

Second, I would like to thank Fernando Maroto for his interest, helpfulness, and overall support of the project. Thank you for your willingness to test Reborn OS with me and for your helpfulness in trouble shooting when the need arises. You have not only offered invaluable advice, but also kept me going with your kind words and encouragement. So thank you.

And lastly, I would like to take a moment to extend a warm thanks to you, the reader, for considering this distro. Thank you for your time and support of this incredible endeavor as well as your interest in it.

Thank you everyone.