Reborn 5.19.18 Released – Apricity OS Revived, and More

Surprise! I know I had made an announcement earlier concerning development during my big move across the United States, but as it turns out, I was able to sneak a small release in before then! Remember when I said this:

The actual behind-the-scenes development will be mainly inactive during this time.

Yeah… that hasn’t happened yet. Which brings me to the good news!

So while this release features less ground-breaking improvements than previous releases, it still brings much to the table. To start off, let’s talk about Apricity. If you are a subscriber, or someone who at least reads all of these announcements here, you will have noticed that I hinted towards reviving Apricity OS in the last announcement. Well, it’s here! With this new release, the elegance of Apricity once again graces the world of Linux, on the platform it was originally developed for – Arch Linux. An almost exact replica of it has now been achieved, allowing you to experience it once again.

With the ISO using Budgie as our live environment, most of GNOME’s functionality is already present. As such, with this release, one can now log out and then log into GNOME – set up as a mash between the Apricity layout and the Budgie layout. With this unique option, came a change in our wallpaper. While our Reborn wallpaper looked great in Budgie, it clashed with out Apricity shell theme used in the GNOME session. To avoid this, we now feature a different wallpaper – one that contains enough dark tones to feel native to Budgie, and enough lighter tones to fit in with the light and airy Apricity shell theme.



Finally, we come to the final few changes. First of all, a new option in Cnchi is present, made just for Broadcom drivers. While most Broadcom drivers work fine without this package, there are a select few that do not. Since this option will not harm any other Broadcom users (but rather benefit them possibly) it was decided to add it for now. But not only that, all the necessary Intel packages are now verified to be in the ISO. Thanks to a forum user Maggie when she reported that her Intel machine did not have all the necessary packages installed. While her particular problem has not been entirely fixed inside the ISO (it’s a work in progress) it is at least partially.

So that’s it, folks! While this release may not be as full-featured as the last one, it still packs a punch. May you continue to enjoy Reborn OS, and may the next release come shortly.

-The Reborn Devs

4 thoughts on “Reborn 5.19.18 Released – Apricity OS Revived, and More

  1. keegan.

    After the last update in the system settings, the Administration department has appeared inactive icons: login screen, driver management and software source.
    I use Rebornos from Cinnamon DE.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Perhaps it is simply a language barrier, but I am afraid I don’t quite understand what you mean Jurek. Do you mean that the Administration options in Cinnamon are no longer working?

    Just a bit confused here…


  3. That kind of sounds like a simple bug – one that I am sure the Cinnamon devs will fix right away! If this issue still persists after a week or two, then that’s more serious. But as of now, it sounds like it is just the result of that update you got – in which case another one will be coming shortly.

    Hope this helps!


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