Reborn 4.30.18 Released

After over a month of no new releases, we can finally tell you the good news: it’s here!  Due to much work by both PalanthisBadmem, myself, we finally have a release to remember.

So first up is the addition of two new Desktop Environments in the installer! Well… sort of. When I first started Reborn OS, I had wanted to include Pantheon as an installable option due to its beautiful layout and sleek look (Elementary OS‘s Desktop Environment). Unfortunately, true Pantheon proved exceedingly unstable and pretty much impossible to install and run on Arch Linux. Due to this, it has not been included in our installer – until now. With this new release, we finally found a way to offer the Pantheon desktop for everyone! Instead of using pure Pantheon, we heavily customized the Cinnamon desktop to look, act, and behave exactly like Pantheon does. Finally, you can now experience Pantheon on Reborn in a stable, reliable manner complete with the Elementary OS themes, dock, and even wallpaper background! Even the menu itself is Pantheon’s menu (called Slingshot) fully integrated into your experience on Reborn OS.

Pantheon look-alike on Reborn OS

But not only are we now offering a clone of Pantheon, we now offer a special choice in our installer for Linux newbies from Windows. We all know how it felt at one time when we were first new to Linux. It was overwhelming, new, and a little bit scary. As such, we now offer an option called “Windows Interface” in our Desktop Environment option. In order to further ease their transition into the wonderful world of Linux and make sure they decide to stay, we have heavily customized the desktop known best for being a desktop for Windows escapees – Cinnamon DE. After messing around in its settings, we now allow you to receive a Cinnamon desktop preconfigured to look just like Windows! It even comes with a global search bar included, nicknamed Albert – which not only finds programs and files quicker than Cortana ever did, but can even search online using your favorite web browser and your preferrred search engine – all available by While the menu is sadly not Windows 7 style by default at the moment, it will hopefully be so in the future. Originally, we at Reborn had planned to make use of the Cinnamon applet called CinnVIIStarkMenu to complete the Windows feel with that Windows 7 style menu shown in the screenshot, but sadly that applet is pretty much broken for now after a recent release of the cinnamon package in Arch. However, we eagerly await for the time when it will be usable again, at which point we will surely jump on the opportunity to add it to this heavily customized desktop. Further down the road, we hope that this new option will successfully entice numerous Windows users to give Linux a try – and stay.

But that’s not all that’s new! Starting with this new release, we can finally say that Cnchi has been fully Rebornified. While it used to contain several Antergos screenshots in the Desktop Selection Screen, it now displays updated, accurate pictures of Reborn installs. In addition, Cnchi no longer displays the Antergos logo in the taskbar when opened.  Thanks to the tireless work by Palanthis, Cnchi now displays the Reborn logo instead! From here on out, our installer is truly our own.


Lastly, an issue with a certain startup script has finally been resolved. Since our last release, many users have noticed that the previous ISO sometimes failed to execute a startup script called Now, in this new ISO, that is no longer an issue. Since we were unable to figure out exactly what was causing this script to not start up properly sometimes, we took a different route. Instead, we embedded the command in several other startup scripts – forcing this troublesome script to eventually be run, one way or another.

And as a closing note to all previous Reborn users who have run into a bug with Cnchi that throws Error 0 reports at you upon install due to a new Python release last week, we are pleased to announce that this release has that fixed! You can actually install Reborn without any work-arounds, all while sipping a cup of your favorite coffee!

So enjoy, and God bless.

-The Reborn OS Team

6 thoughts on “Reborn 4.30.18 Released

  1. It’s impressive. I installed Reborn and it really works. For me, the system lacks only the driver and Linux kernel driver. The use is simple and for everyone, Integration flatpak revelation. Although I’ve been using linux for almost 30 years, I think that it has to be done by a simple user system and not just for maniacs doing everything in the terminal. Good job.

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    1. Thank you so much for the compliments Jurek! As for the driver thing, that is actually currently in development! Great minds think alike I guess….

      But is there anything else you think we could improve upon? There’s always ways to make Reborn better for everyone!


  2. I have some ideas for your assessment, I leave whether they fit the concept of the system.

    1. I think you should avoid duplicating solutions. If you have devoted your time and commitment to implementing the Stacer program, I believe that the simultaneous introduction of BleachBit is unnecessary. Both systems are available after installing the system. The same happens when the user selects, for example, the desire to use video file programs during installation. He gets a lot of programs at the same time and I do not think it would be good. It is better to share one that integrates well with the system and is available in many language versions.

    2. I believe that the integration of the Reborn tools from DE needs to be improved. If system settings are available in the stage, it would be good if the Reborn tools were also there.

    3. The DE you offer are available with full translations. However, your tools do not have different language versions. I know that the translations at this stage of system development are problematic. That’s why I think users should take care of it. My idea is another tool that could be called Translator Reborn. A simple tool similar to the one found in the CinnVIIStarkMenu Cinnamon DE app. On the left, the choice of the tool, eg Reborn Recovery, in the middle part of the dialog box texts would be displayed, and on the right side there would be places for entering the translations. After saving, the user would receive a fully translated tool. In addition, I would equip them with the Send to Reborn option. The team would receive translation files that could enter the system with updates or subsequent releases. Thanks to this, Reborn would be in a full understanding of the need of improvement. If it was used, it could be used in a re-source system.

    These are just ideas. I apologize for my English but I am not English speaking and I am using an interpreter.

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  3. Oh. My. Goodness!!! I LOVE your 3rd idea Jurek! I think that sounds fairly involved to initially set up, but I can see the amazing long-term benefits of something like that. I’m really going to have to give that one some thought….
    (I’ll be tinkering with it in the upcoming weeks I think… hopefully it can make it in Reborn soon!)


  4. Hey keegan. Nice article. I’ll never heard of Reborn OS before, but after reading this article I’ll definitely try it.
    I have a question. You say the CinnVIIStarkMenu is pretty much broken. Since I’m the developer of this applet, can you describe in detail, what doesn’t work? I added an update for compatibility with Cinnamon 3.8 at the end of April. If there’s still a problem with it, it would be nice, if you can provide some information on what doesn’t work.

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  5. Hi there NikoKrause and welcome to the party! I can’t believe you found us! Thank you so much for giving us a try. Once you do, it would be great to hear your thoughts on it and any ideas for improvement you might have. Thanks!

    As for your applet (thank you SO much for developing it – it’s amazing! I can imagine it being a lifeline to Linux newbies coming from Windows.) it simply wasn’t working at the time of this article due to a recent update to Cinnamon. With Arch being cutting edge and all, sometimes that happens – as they released a new version of Cinnamon before anyone else. However, that issue no longer exists as you amazingly updated your applet so that it would work on this new version of Cinnamon! Once again, I cannot tell you how surprised I was to see your applet working again in under a week. I certainly didn’t expect it to be fixed up for Arch so quickly! While several other applets still have issues, yours does not anymore – in fact, it’s working perfectly now and is once again integrated into our “Windows Interface” option successfully by default for everyone!

    Thank you so much for you time, and, if you are willing, I think I have a few questions for you. Basically, I am new(er) to developing for Linux. And honestly, I LOVE IT! However, due to this there are a few things I still need to learn, with one of those things being the creation of Cinnamon applets and GNOME extensions. I know you don’t know everything (I mean, you develop a Cinnamon applet, not a GNOME extension) but if you would be able to help me out, give me some helpful pointers, or just link me to an article about creating both of those things, that would be great! I would love to be able to customize Reborn OS further, but as of now I am fairly limited in what I can do since I don’t know how to create my own applets or extensions. If you have the time and are willing, could you help me out a little bit? I can always learn more!

    P.S. If you are willing to help me out here, do you think you could spell it out for me like you’re talking to a computer illiterate? I know that sounds funny, but I just want to make sure I get this right. Doing something right the first time cements that good practice for the future – so I would rather your instructions/help appear too “easy” or “simple” than assume I know something I may not. Once again, thank you!


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