Choose From Over 10 Desktop Environments

One ISO with unlimited Desktop Environments to choose from! Whether you are a fan of KDE, GNOME, Deepin, Budgie, OpenBox, i3, or Xfce – Reborn OS is for you. For those who love the terminal, there is even the option of a Base install, allowing you to bypass the Desktop Environment entirely. Reborn OS gets out of the way and lets you decide, not the other way around.

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Customize it to your heart’s content

With about 20 different options in the installer, Reborn OS truly caters to your needs. Whatever they may be.


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Never Fall Behind

Reborn OS is based on both Arch Linux and Antergos, meaning that it features a rolling release model. Due to this, you will only ever have to install once – and never again. Enjoy getting the latest and the best from the Linux community, all available in an easy-to-use software center.


Private and Secure

Unlike Microsoft and Mac OS, Reborn OS does not collect any user data on anyone. That means that you can feel completely safe using Reborn, knowing that your activities are not being recorded by anyone. In fact, Linux, the software Reborn OS runs on, is the same software that powers the U.S. Department of Defense!

Flatpak Support

Reborn OS offers the option to have built in Flatpak support, making hundreds of additional applications available for you,
with the click of a button.

Enhanced Hardware Performance

Reborn OS offers the option to install TLP and Thermald during the installation process, effectively enhancing your battery life and cooling your fans.

Built For You – By You

Reborn OS truly puts our users first, implementing your suggestions in each new release.

Reborn Updates

Reborn OS offers a special application which allows you to selectively upgrade your installation of Reborn to include whatever new, cool features you want to from the latest release. If your suggestion made it into the newest release of Reborn OS, you can apply it within your own system with the push of a button.


Unlimited options- available just for you.

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